Floral Fountain – Upcycle Beauty

Spring is here! Known as a time of renewal and growth, it’s a particularly fitting season to launch Domestic Diva LA. And so, our first Diva Life floral fountain share come from one of our favorite spring things – gardens!

I love gardens and gardening and adore spending time outdoors with nature, getting a little dirty, working up a little sweat, the smells of fresh air, fresh flowers and even fresh soil. I am thankful that gardening qualifies as exercise (because heaven knows I do not like the gym) and that when you’re done, you can literally stop and smell the flowers, and enjoy the fruits of your labor, which have produced the most beautiful outdoor “room”. The idea that a little love, sunshine and water can cultivate the most spectacular gifts from the earth – flowers, fruits, vegetables – it’s truly divine.

This year, just after the first day of spring I took to the great outdoors and got to gardening. Good fortune was mine in the form of a lovely older fountain that a family member no longer had use for. Given I already have a working fountain, I decided that the large, nothing but grass, side yard, would be crowned perfectly with the reclaimed fountain, planted with an array of flowers. It was a very easy up-cycle project.

Floral Fountain 2

I started by filling the fountain with good potting soil. Then, while still in their pots, arranged newly purchased flowers in concentric, staggered circles. Once satisfied with what I saw, I carefully removed each flowering plant from its pot, set them into pockets dug out in the soil, gave each a drink of water boosted with some Vitamin B2 to help prevent shock and aid the transplanting, covered the base of each with more with soil and voila – a floral fountain!

Floral Fountain Top View

This may be my favorite planting project to date. It really is a precious arrangement – a garden floral tiara. Here’s a list of the flowers used – just four types in all: Columbine, Delphiniums in an array of pink, blue and lavender hues, Mini Roses in a blush tint, and Bacopa in white.

This beauty will be overflowing with mature flowers and trailing vines in no time.  Simply DIVINE!

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