Easter Egg Centerpiece

Easter Egg Centerpiece

This year, I tried my hand a Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs. It was a bit of mad science fun and I was surprised and pleased with the results. So, to display these natural beauties, I arranged them in an easy Easter Egg Centerpiece. Below I share how you can design your own Easter Egg Centerpiece.

To complement the star of my Easter Table, I fashioned Easter Eggshell Bouquets. Both are inexpensive and Divine! Be sure to take a look at all of the posts on decorating for Easter, including everything I used to create a pretty, modern pastel Easter Table. I hope you have fun creating your own special Easter celebration and sharing it with those you love!

What You’ll Need
  • Easter Eggs
  • A Decorative Container (Bowl, Box, Wide Mouth Vase, Pedestal or Deep Serving Platter, etc.)
  • Flower Stems and Greenery
The Method
  1. Prepare your Easter eggs. I made one dozen Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs. Of course, you can use purchased synthetic (plastic, foam, wood, etc.) Easter eggs in wide array of colors and designs, or dye your own using traditional methods. To coordinate with my Easter table design, I aimed for more muted blues and yellows. For complete instructions on how to boil and naturally dye Easter eggs, click here.
  2. Depending on the size of the container you have selected and the number of Easter Eggs you will use, you can either arrange the eggs directly in your centerpiece, or, you may wish to line the bottom of the vessel with some paper toweling, a washcloth, etc., to create a platform and elevate the eggs.
  3. Once the Easter eggs are arranged as you like, insert a few floral stems in between the eggs. You don’t want to overwhelm the arrangement with flowers and hide your pretty eggs. Instead, you just want to accent the arrangement and add another layer of texture and color. I am very fortunate and was able to cut some new blooms from my garden for use in my Easter Egg Centerpiece. I chose White Iceberg Roses and a some fragrant Lavender.

That’s it! It really takes no time and only a bit of money to create a beautiful centerpiece.


Tips & Truths

 Try adding some real or synthetic grass to your design. You can even use a relatively flat serving platter to create an Easter Egg Centerpiece by laying a bed of grass down and arranging your Easter eggs on top.

To create a striking, natural table runner, purchase sod at your local nursery, cut it into strips and lay it down the center of your table to create a striking, natural table runner. Just be sure to use plastic under the grass to line the runner and prevent damage to your table.

If you want to save time and money, instead of flowers, clip some greenery from your yard and use that instead. Whether you use store bought flowers or garden clippings, a little goes a long way. And, I find my local supermarket always has a lovely selection of floral stems available at a great price.

Easter Eggs Dyed

Easter Egg Centerpiece (2)


Easter Table 2

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