12 Cruelty Free Skincare Products That are Divine

Cruelty Free Skincare That’s Divine! Did winter leave your skin feeling dry, rough, blotchy? All of those unflattering adjectives should only be used to describe rhinoceros skin. Well, I’m sharing a list of my Top 12 Cruelty Free Skincare Products to help you look good and feel good about using it that are kind to your skin,

The Easter Table – A Bounty of Spring Treats

The Easter Table – A Bounty of Spring Treats Easter falls a bit early this year, and to me, that’s divine! One of my favorite things to do in spring is set a beautiful Easter Table. While I love the crimson colors of Christmas and the silver sparkle of Hanukkah, by the time Easter arrives

Easter Egg Flower Cups

Easter Egg Flower Cups The 2016 Easter Table roundup concludes with a mini decorative element that packs a big impact. Easter Egg Flower Cups are absolutely precious and complement the Easter Egg Centerpiece of the table, beautifully. They’re practical, economical, whimsical and Divine! There are countless ways to create your own Easter Egg Flower Cups. I hope what I’ve

International Women’s Day

In honor of women around the world, and in recognition of International Women’s Day, I’m sharing 5 divine ways to educate, inspire and empower. As the old Virginia Slims slogan reads, “You’ve come a long way baby!” And indeed, women around the world have made remarkable strides in areas of politics, medicine, education, the arts

Valentine’s Day Gifts to Share and Love – For Him

You’re heart is racing, head is spinning, and you’re about to break a sweat. You can’t stop thinking about it… Valentine’s Day gifts! Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, and while you’re heart is full, your hands are empty. We get it. Don’t panic! We’re not playing hard to get and neither are our top Valentine’s Day