About Domestic Diva LA – Who is She?

Who is a Domestic Diva? She is a mother, daughter, sister, friend. She is a professional, a student, a care taker, an entertainer, a therapist, a coach, a chef, an artist. She is all of these things, and more. She is YOU! And this is where you belong…

At the age of 11, I discovered the “joy” of closet organizing – often, to my mother’s dismay! My first few attempts at navigating the way to an uncluttered and organized environment did not come with a road map. Diving into the closet with a half-baked plan, before I knew it, I was surrounded by a mess and I was overwhelmed. My bedroom looked as if an errant hurricane blew through our home (we lived in a suburb of California – earthquakes, yes – hurricanes, no.) But I persevered. I purged, sorted, filed and stored my possessions in a sensible arrangement. And over-time, I developed a system, which to this day, I continue to use, and constantly refine.

DDLA Office Square

In college, I was an Executive Manager in Tupperware. I adored Modular Mates and sought out to organize the kitchens of every woman I knew from Woodland Hills to Westwood. I took before and after photos and extolled the values of preserving pantry items, saving time, money and the environment, with a well cataloged cupboard! Today, the universe of home organizing products is endless and I have amassed quite a collection of tips and tools.

Sometime after I retired my Tupperware crown, my brother, a very accomplished financier and goals oriented individual, with whom I worked for a few years, asked me what I was passionate about in life. His goal was to persuade me to focus on what I did best and parlay that into professional success. Being a driven, ambitious corporate gal myself, my answer surprised both of us: “I enjoy taking care of people and creating memorable experiences for them through entertaining and cooking.”  Oh boy! That wasn’t a good fit with running a multi-million dollar finance company. But it was the truth.

So, my brother generously and wholeheartedly offered to finance a bakery for me. I loved to bake and he was all too happy to have someone in the family churning out his favorite apple pies and chocolate chip cookies. At the time, it seemed to me that if I made a profession of my “hobby” it would take the joy out of it for me. And being the ultra-pragmatic individual I am, I quickly computed how many cookies I’d have to bake to make enough money to continue living the lifestyle I’d become accustomed to. There weren’t enough hours in the day, or a mixing machine big enough to make the “dough” I wanted.

DDLA Orange Almond Cake 1

Over the years, I applied my organizational skills to running a bi-coastal marketing agency producing national product promotions and developing campaigns for brands like Nike, Starbucks, and Sony, and networks including ABC, CBS, NBC and Bravo. I produced benefit premieres for theatrical blockbusters, charitable galas featuring performances by Gary Sinise, Andra Day, and American Idol Finalist Elliot Yamin, and promotional events with the Lakers, Beyonce, Amy Schumer, and more. I organized and launched three businesses, including a resort with multiple restaurants and a spa, and honed my talents in the areas of hospitality, concierge services, culinary management and retail. On the side, I was all too happy to help friends organize their closets, home offices and kitchens. When pals purchased a new home my gift to them was a few hours of my time, some plastic bins and a few rolls of shelf liner. And of course, I was thrilled at every opportunity to plan a party, shower, anniversary or destination event.

GSC Amy Schmer Event

Today, at forty-something, my passions still included the original mission statement I shared with my brother and I now know that helping others create a beautiful, calm, organized, efficient home is the best way to help them create memorable experiences for those they love.

Oprah Winfrey often says, “Your home should rise-up to greet you!” Let me help you create that place—a reflection of your most peaceful, inspired, best self!  Then, your home will rise-up to greet you, your family and your friends, and you will have the time and the ability to enjoy it all!

let's get it...together! And, Live Well.